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"In every walk in nature one receives far more than one seeks"

                                       John Muir

Following in his father's gnome prints, educator and life enthusiast Kesse Humphreys has developed  third and fourth grade field trips, homeschool series, summer camps, and unique birthday party celebrations. Raised and inspired within the woodland experience, Kesse is excited to share these meaningful educational experiences with your students and children. We believe that spending time in nature enriches our life experience and grounds us in what is fast becoming an overstimulating world.  Come share in the joy of a simple walk in nature and embrace the excitement and curiosity that inspires.  


Share in the Experience:

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Field Trips

at Gnome Countryside

Mr. Kesse has recently developed programs for 3rd and 4th grade classes as well as for homeschool groups and camp groups.

Mr. Rich continues to do the program with 1st grade groups, homeschools, camp groups and families


at Gnome Countryside

Come Celebrate your child's special day with an exciting and meaningful experience surrounded by nature, family, and friends, in the magical forest of Gnome Countryside.

at Gnome Countryside

Summer Camp

Summer Camp has always been an experience to remember. At Gnome Countryside, we look to continue this tradition. From art to movement, theater to native species identification, this experience is sure to make friends, broaden horizons, and expand on skill and knowledge. 

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Coming Soon

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