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Gnome Countryside can be a wonderfilled supplement to your child's eduction. From studies in native species to art lessons and a focus on the creative spirit, we offer a variety of energy and enthusiasm filled experiences.

Explore our unit programs below:

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Program Options:

Traditional Tour

This 2.5 hour program is planned around 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade curriculum, but could be adapted for most ages. Program involves nature education, identification, folklore and storytelling, free play and creative problem solving.  


Lesson Specific Workshop

Your homeschool group might be interested in one of the options for a  lesson specific field trip. Lessons include:

  • Art related lessons

  • Theater, puppet making

  • Sit spot awareness and journaling

  • Native species identification

  • Sustainability


Weekly/biweekly unit Program

We offer weekly or biweekly programs which encompass unit lessons these include:

  • Sustainability: practices at home and in the world

  • Art and nature: the relationship to and inspiration of

  • Creative spirit-What does it mean to be alive and how can we live life to the fullest

  • Botanical studies

  • Arts and Crafts

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