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3rd Grade Field Trip

This two and a half hour program engages student's imaginations and senses within the natural forest environment. From the rich cultural history of legends and storytelling, to the essential connection between child and nature. This program shares the joy of the human spirit and a deeper appreciation and understanding of our natural surroundings.

Below is a synopsis of the event:

The Gnomery


"If you're ever invited to call on a gnome, be sure to visit their woodland home..."

The Gnomery is a small, cozy room which offers a glimpse into the happenings of the little people. Here, Mr. Kesse will share in story, song, and all the essential information for beginning to understand the workings of the elementals and their vital connection to the forest environment.

The Infinite Bridge

Here begins the journey into the enchanting forest. The powerful responsibility and possibility within a choice is considered and a choice must be made. Will we encounter a troll? 


The Arena of Wonder

Nestled within the forest, benches encircle a quartz ring surrounded by talking rocks which suggest words to enrich our engagement and experience in life. More songs and stories help to engage children's natural sense of wonder.

The Woodland Trail

The 1/4 mile woodland trail meanders through the forest landscape. Periodic stops along the way share the specifics of the flora and fauna students are surrounded by. 


The Trail Continued

We continue onto the rest of the trial, visiting the most well known landmarks including Gnome Gniagra and the upside down tree. We will also continue conversations about native species and observations of the environment.


Exploration/Play Space

Students can choose from a variety of options on this part of the program. Some of these options include:

-Outdoor kitchen play space

-Nature exploration and observation

-Music making 

-Balance and challenge course

-Gnome house building

-Sit space journaling/drawing


Arena of Wonder cont.

As we wrap up the program, we will revisit some of the talking rocks. Students will be asked to respond to the highlights and curiosities of their experience. And of course they will leave with a little Gnome gift.


Field trips are $10 a person and the teacher plus 3 chaperones are free!

For questions or to make a reservation, please click on the button below or go to the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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