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Middle Level Home School Program

For the middle level Program we are going to focus on 


Nature, Play, Art, Sustainability, Communication, Creativity



  • Discovery walks

  • Botanical drawings

  • Sit Spots


Art and Craft

  • Alexander Calder

    • Element of art-Balance what is the importance of balance in your life?

    •  Where do you have it? Where don’t you have it? 

      • Make a nature Mobile


Sustainability and Materials

  • What does it mean to be sustainable?

  • How are you sustainable? Not Sustainable?

  • What materials are sustainable? Do you think a sustainable future is possible?

    • Homework

      • Using Google Draw or a digital platform, Create an event poster that raises awareness for sustainability related issues. Can you make the event happen?


  • What makes a story interesting?

    • Homework

      • Write and illustrate your own story based on…

      • Show simple book binding technique



  • What are ways that humans communicate? How do you communicate? Are you good at it? Is it effective? Why is it important to be a good communicator? Where have you seen poor communication in your life? Where have you seen great communication in your life? 

  • HW-Communicate in a different way this week. If you dont generally share your feelings, try talking to someone about how you feel. If you talk alot, try being more observant. Take the time to share with people the things you appreciate about them. Ask 5 questions to someone each day. 

    • Write about your experience. What did you do? How did it make you feel? 



  • What does it mean to be creative? Are you? Who is? Why are they? Can you become more creative? Do you think creativity is innate to human beings?

  • Solve these problems creatively as a group…have different activities

  • HW-Create a musical instrument from objects you find around the house

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